My Indigo collection is a modern interpretation of traditional global crafts learned in Japan and India. I use stencil techniques from the Kimono makers of the Edo period, but design my bolder, contemporary patterns inspired by world travels. There is imperfection in the handmade application of stencil resist onto linen or canvas fabric, and this imperfection is the Wabi Sabi of beauty. The patterns work well applied to a variety of textures, from light linen to heavier burlap. They are clean and geometric but contain the human touch, the maker spending hours dipping the indigo and crafting each piece by hand. Each piece is hand dyed using Indigo, a natural dye. It's a global inspired collection made local.

Agnes is a designer and artist living in the west side of Los Angeles. A lover of vibrant color and exuberant patterns, she seeks out bright places and bold people. Passionate about travel, meeting new people, and making beautiful things, Agnes has always been driven to craft things by hand.