Camp Minted
Block Art Party Community Workshops

Crave Workshops was invited to host a series of Art Experiences at the annual conference, Camp Minted, in late July in Vegas. Camp Minted is the physical manifestation of Minted’s amazing online community — a space for Minted artists to develop long-lasting relationships with like-minded creatives, be creatively inspired, develop their technical craft, and seek creative and physical refueling and rejuvenation.

We hosted three days of Block Art Parties, short, super energetic block printing sessions were artists made wall art together and got to go home with community made art work. Artists travel from all around the world for three days of lectures, hands on workshops, and collaborative sessions. We were sponsored to host a series of experiences to connect this community, providing sessions where artists could make with other artists in personal gatherings. It was an honor to be invited, teach half a dozen sessions and make with more than 60 artists.

Photos courtesy of @minted and @jacob_loafman

A big, big thank you for bringing your amazing Block Art Party workshop to Camp Minted this year. Thanks for bringing fun to the lounge space and facilitating connections during the event. The pieces also looked incredible! We appreciate all the work you put into prepping and leading the workshops. I hope I get to actually participate in one in the future.
— Jessica, Minted Community Organizer