Crave Workshops empowers everyone to be creative.


We believe that making things by hand is an essential practice to staying mindful and inspired. We want people to have fun, connect with others and learn new things about themselves by making things with their hands. Whether Shibori, Blockprinting or Marbling, each workshop is specifically designed for a "no fail" approach to art. We have so many students exclaim that we made it "easy" and “fun" and they love their pieces. Art SHOULD be fun and we hope to inspire everyone to get in touch with their creative selves. 


A friend recently mused "Having a unique experience with other people is the only thing left in our physical world that can't be replicated online. It's the only thing left that’s 'real.'" He was right. We missed the arts and crafts of our childhoods. The relaxed time to play and maybe get a little dirty. The time to hang out outside in the sunshine, time to chat with a stranger, time to make something new. Crave Workshops was born out of craving this type of time and this type of event. It's time to get together the old-fashioned, non digital way: around a lunch table, making things with our hands.


We bring the "creatively curious" together to make something new. Each workshop experience will be crafted to help participants tap into their creative place while rediscovering the fine art of play. We offer different workshops every month, from shibori table linens to marbled onesies. Our goal is to bring people together through a continued commitment to sharing creative experiences. We want our participants to leave at the end of the day, inspired by a new skill, connected with a new friend and fulfilled to bring something beautiful home with them. New workshops are constantly being offered, each in promising interesting participants, great conversation, and a hands-on way to connect with the city's creative side. 


We teach the art of Mindful Making, using art to slow down, one craft at a time. The new revolution of 2018 is the maker revolution. Connecting with cultures through craft. Getting away from our tech devices and practicing being in the moment. Slowing down and learning about global traditions in the modern age. 

Mindful making teaches us to explore with our intuition. It helps us connect with people of all backgrounds and create unique bonds. Participation is key to active connections and to being present. It is empowering and humbling to pause our busy schedule, spend time together and make something new.

Making has always been my meditation, a relief to the stress of life and business and clients and deadlines. It was personal passion that I strove for every chance I could get. The classes and workshops I curated aim to create that peace and that meditation, the art of being in the moment. There’s nothing else you can think about when you are focused on marbling the perfect tote bag. It’s not about the tote bag, but about the experience of making. I want time to stand still, and have others experience the awe of making their new creation.
As someone confident in their distaste for making and crafting (unless its on a screen or in a kitchen), I was surprised by how much fun I had at Crave. The house is gorgeous, the spread was wonderful (props to the chef!), and spending a beautiful Saturday afternoon playing with vats of indigo ink was more enjoyable than I could have possibly imagined. Everyone in the group was genuinely excited to be there, hosts included. Although we all started with zero idea of what we were doing, the process itself was a blast. Not to mention the amazing final products (my room is now covered in Shibori). Thank you Crave!!