Intro To Paint Marbling Workshop
Cattywampus Crafts, Ojai

 Marbling involves paint that is floated and manipulated on the surface of thickened water. By swirling the paint, students create a mesmerizing design that’s then transferred to paper as a permanent print. It’s a “no fail” method where anyone can participate and make something beautiful. Like their makers, no two pieces are alike. This workshop promoted spontaneity and build creative self esteem with a little bit of paint and a little bit of magic. Everyone started out marbling on thick card stock paper coasters to get the hand of things and then marbled a onesie, tote bag or pillows.


At its heart, art is about connecting and empowering. Marbling is a fun way to spend Saturday but even more powerful than making a beautiful onesie is the opportunity to create with others. This is why I love hosting art workshops and why I hope to create an inspiring place for people to realize their creative potential and meet like minded friends.