TedX Transform
The Huntington Library, Pasadena


Humbled and honored to be asked to participate in the interactive area at the TedxPasadena Transform event, a day dedicated to transforming the future, and putting words to action.

It was an amazing opportunity to share our passion for mindful making with the TedX community, and show how’s it’s essential to make something new with your hands. We made over 300 coasters and met 150 plus friends. Everyone tried marbling, a magical art form where everyone is empowered to make something unique. We shared our story and encouraged taking time to explore making as meditation, an opportunity that centers you in the moment and allows you to create without purpose for the sake of creating. This leads to idea breakthroughs, empowered self esteem and building community.

We believe that creativity is for everyone (especially “non-creatives!”) and that hands on making is a powerful practice to get in the moment and stay inspired. Our Mindful Making workshops teach focus, bring joy, and empower you to transform your mindset. 

photos by Utkan Kocaturk