Making Things Together

WE HOST ART EXPERIENCES THAT INSPIRE creative confidence, ENHANCE teamwork and CONNECT community

Crave Workshops were born out of the belief that we all crave a creative outlet in our lives. Our mission is to build a welcoming community where each person is inspired to explore and learn. We offer classes in indigo dyes & shibori, silkscreen, marbling, block printing and eco printing. We host workshops, retail pop-ups, corporate events and retreats. We create community through collaborative art experiences where we empower everyone to be creative.  

We began hosting creative workshops in 2017. Each workshop is designed to help participants tap into their creative place while rediscovering the fine art of play. Our special hands on making methods are designed to break down barriers for “non creatives.” We will remind you to stay in the moment, get in touch with your inner child and focus on the process rather than the end results. Play encourages us to take risks, approach challenges and develop social skills and connections. Using a variety of mediums and maintaining small class sizes, we spark innovation, self-confidence and growth. Join our Crave Creative Community and let's make something new!


Our Clients


Videos by Utkan Kocaturk. Photography provided by Ariel IpUtkan Kocaturk, Thomas Brodahl, Jessica Bailey, Hina Khan & Agnes Pierscieniak. Select photos are from diverse workshops we have attended, including Bryan Whitehead's indigo workshop near Tokyo. We are grateful to all the inspiring teachers and creatives who have shared their expertise and passions.