Common Wellness Workshop
the Commonhouse, Venice Beach

We started out the new year with a special intimate Common Wellness day. Partnering up with @vetcreationsco and @wholebodyzenusa to come together in mind, body and spirit. Thanks @utkankocaturk for capturing the special day. We hosted the day @thecommonhouses where it all began in 2017! Now our third year running, we are connecting and building a community of wellness and nurturing. We sat in the welcome circle with old and new friends to start our day of nurturing. 

We started our Common Wellness day with some mindful making. A short workshop teaching the Japanese art of water marbling, we made beautiful journal covers to write our intentions for 2019. Everyone was concentrating very hard on the mindful making practice of Japanese watercolor marbling, Suminagashi. We taught this special workshop to practice the art of slowing down and making as meditation. We then followed up with a healthy cooking demonstration and a calming yoga practice. We are ready for a peaceful new year!

We enjoyed working together to create this special day, which included a cooking demonstration, an art workshop and a yoga class. We feel ready for a healthy and happy new year!