Dyeing Everything Blue
Late Sunday Afternoon, Venice Beach

Shibori is a textile art dating back to the 8th century Japan that involves folding, twisting, and binding cloth before soaking in natural indigo dye. We learned new Shibori techniques and brought home a beautiful hand dyed textile. It was a creative afternoon of learning, sharing and collaborating! During the workshop, Agnes guided us through the fundamentals of the ancient Shibori pattern making process. We started by eating an alfresco lunch, then spent the afternoon learning new indigo methods. It was a relaxing and fun environment to learn in and make new friends along the way.


Super pleasant experience! My whole afternoon spent at Crave Workshop was full of great fun. Agnes was very knowledgeable about Shibori and been quite innovative on introducing various materials for our design work. She throughly explained the basic fundaments of Shibori techniques, and her articulate way of communication very much helped to bring out a rather creative side of myself. It was a bonus point to work with a bunch of friends, so we could share ideas behind the design process while having a good laugh. Surprisingly how everyone’s products somehow reflect of their own personality. I’ll definitely recommend this amazing experience to many of my friend and come back again and again.