Magic Marbling
Moxi Museum, Santa Barbara 

We taught a very special workshop as part of the Moxi Museum’s Make Night events. This museum prides itself on hands in learning. It teaches a process driven approach to science, encouraging asking questions to help with developing a growth mindset. Art overlaps with science, when we focus on the practice not product. Through this approach, we conquer fears and encourage Creative Confidence. Our creative workshops aim to inspire and encourage new perspectives on the familiar. We had engineers, exhibit designers, marketing execs and even an ultrasound technician join us for some unbridled making. Thanks @moxisb for inviting us to such a great night. 

We partnered with Crave for a marbling workshop at MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation in Santa Barbara. Agnes and her team were both warm and professional; they easily curated an inviting and inspiring space for guests to create freely. Our workshop was fun and lively with lots of encouragement along the way. Participants had a wonderful time and gushed over the process and the product. We would love to invite them back in the future!
— Kaia Joye, Moxi Manager of Informal Learning