Intro To Screenprinting Workshop
Cattywampus Crafts, Ojai


Our Silkscreen Workshop in Ojai turned into a colorful mini getaway! This workshop offered a quick method of silkscreen printing. Participants created their own screen-printed art using images and materials supplied to create prints. The screen was prepared with bold shapes and patterns that were layered to create unique designs. It was fun to see t-shirts, tote bags and notebooks created out of the modern geometrics. 

The silkscreen workshop was so incredibly fun. Your beautiful set-up really set the tone for a happy, creative environment. I think it inspired all of us to see your art hanging on the walls. The silkscreen designs were all so gorgeous and the fact that you would create a OJAI LOVE one just warmed my heart so much. I know the other students thought so too. It says a lot about you as a teacher and a person. I thought the way you taught and connected with everyone was really special. You allowed Vanessa and I to just “do our thing” and were so supportive in just allowing us to play. We were so in the zone and so excited!! What a fun experience. It was also the first time she and I ever met so the partnering was also a lovely experience. Also, the little notebooks were such a sweet addition and such a great idea.
— Cheryl, Workshop Participant