Art of the Stencil
Late Sunday Afternoon, Venice Beach

Our second Late Sunday Afternoon x Crave Workshops Indigo Stencil Workshop was a family filled affair. Moms, dads, kids and even a baby joined us to experiment with some indigo.  From onesies to napkins, we spent the afternoon stenciling everything in sight. This workshop reinterpreted the Japanese art of Katazome Kimono Stenciling with global geometric patterns designed by Agnes. The bold patterns were applied to home linens to create modern heirlooms. We started the day with refreshing snacks, and Agnes taught us about indigo dyeing and pattern mixing. 


I tried the shibori workshop with friends as a way to hang out while doing something different. I’m not a very artistic person and therefore was not sure what to expect at first. It was surprisingly very fun and very beginner friendly. Agnes had prepped for everything, and I was very impressed that she had actually handmade some of the supplies and materials from scratch herself in order to ensure the quality. Basically I just showed up, had no idea what shibori was, but at the end learning a lot about a different form of cool art, and brought home many beautifully made art pieces that was made by myself, within just a few hours! The atmosphere was very mellow and relaxing. There were stencils provided, but we were encouraged to try different ideas and to be creative. All the pieces came out very nicely, in spite of the fact we were all first timers. It’s a very positive and fun experience for me. I highly recommend Crave Workshops for everyone, especially people who aren’t normally well-versed in arts, and want to be surprised by their inner artists :)