The Cosmic Collection evokes the forms of celestial bodies and the magical man made instruments constructed to study them. Visiting India was a visual kaleidoscope of color and pattern, but Jaipur's Jantar Mantar was a stark contrast to the vibrant cacophony around it. Walking through the world's largest sundial was a powerful experience. Inspired and awed by its pure arcs, lines and crescents, the sun dial's shapes serve as the inspiration for the newest collection. Color has been stripped away as forms take center stage. The geometries evoke the phases of the moon and outer planets. The blacks have infinite depth transporting us off the page and into the deep unknown.

Taking inspiration from these simple geometries, spheres, arcs and lines, the celestial collection creates variation and rhythm thorough repetition of similar forms. The overlapping forms dance on the page, transforming the white space like the sun’s shadows transform the sun dial. 

Each print is screen printed by hand by Agnes Pierscieniak in Los Angeles. Pulled by hand, with black, white and metallic inks, the simple geometries evoke infinite space and its nightly spectacle.

Agnes is a designer and artist living in the west side of Los Angeles. A lover of vibrant color and exuberant patterns, she seeks out bright places and bold people. Passionate about travel, making new friends, and crafting beautiful things, Agnes has always been drive to make things by hand. Says Agnes, "I travel the world in search of art. Inspiration comes from the places I have discovered. From nature’s beauty and rocky outcrops to artisanal handicrafts and geometric languages, far flung forms are translated into Silkscreen prints." 



The sun shines from the sky as the heat of the afternoon beats down upon us. Walking into the city block sized park we come across the large sculptures that are are in fact astrological instruments. Meant to quantify exact measurements and consequent time, they are powerful in their function and form. They bring me back to ancient times, to understanding infinite space and making sense of the vast unknowns. We now know more about the skies above, yet these ancient tools are as exact as much more complex algorithms. They are temples to the heavens, changing with the passing of time and the movement of the sun. It was powerful to interact and walk through these instruments, our bodies understanding the tools and the space they occupy. The arcs remained constant as the shadows changed around them.