More connects us that separates us. Traveling through far flung lands, I have seen similar symbols gracing the rugs and tapestries of centuries of artisans. From master craftsmen around the world, including Navajo weavers of the America Southwest deserts and Bedouin artists of Morocco’s high Atlas mountains, geometric forms are personal expressions of their makers. These shapes serve as a fundamental language to tell their stories. The geometries symbolize the powers that influence their human worlds.

Looking outward, I am attracted to color, pattern and texture. The influences are as diverse as the places I visited, including sandstone mesas of the American Southwest, great forts in Rajasthan, and Dhurrie rugs from a Moroccan souk. The simplified patterns are a modern lens to see the complex world. 

Wherever I travel, I scavenge markets for tribal textiles, preferring bold geometries over antique intricacies. I collected chevrons, mandalas, circles and pyramids on textiles from Turkey, India, Mexico, Japan and Morocco. I love color and pattern, and can play for hours with unique color combinations. Connecting diverse cultures through geometric symbols creates unique patterns that feel modern. 

The prints are screen printed in Los Angeles by hand. Each print is one of a kind, as the colors are "rainbow rolled" in an organic method onto the unique shapes. 

Agnes is a designer and artist living in the west side of Los Angeles. Inspired by the multicultural mix, innovative architecture and verdant landscape around her, Agnes Pierscieniak’s work is Big, Bright and Bold. With loud patterns, geometric shapes and exceptional sense of color, the artwork radiates Southern California vibes. Says Agnes, "I travel the world in search of art. Inspiration comes from the places I have discovered. From nature’s beauty and rocky outcrops to artisanal handicrafts and geometric languages, far flung forms are translated into Silkscreen prints." 

I am inspired by place and create an artifact of my recollections through my silkscreen prints. 
— Agnes